Abortion, An Injustice And Human Life Essay

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Abortion, an Injustice to Human Life Despite the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court case, abortion remains a heated and controversial political issue and civil rights disagreement. People who oppose abortions are called pro-life, seeking to protect all human life, and people who support abortions are called pro-choice, seeking to protect the civil rights of women. Many individuals and organizations have tried to make abortions illegal. The fight to make abortions illegal has been fought on both the political and social fronts. The three main fora through which people have tried to limit abortions are government and government officials, social programs to help women, and individuals advocating for the life of unborn children, using their experiences to portray their message. In recent history, the United States government and its politicians have tried to implement laws both for and against abortions. However, the landmark Supreme Court case of Roe v. Wade has had the largest impact on the controversial issue of abortion. The Supreme Court Justices voted 7-2 in favor of Norma L. McCorvey, a “victim” of anti-abortion laws in the state of Texas. Norma L. McCorvey was pregnant with her third child, and lied in an attempt to obtain a legal abortion, later suing the State of Texas for denying her the right to an abortion, despite knowing that abortion was illegal in the state of Texas. The Supreme Court ruled that the Fourteenth Amendment 's “concept of personal liberty”…

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