Essay about Abortion : A Feminist And I 'm Against Abortion

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One has the right to do whatever she pleases with her body. Although, I do not believe in the saying “her body, her choice.” Abortion is something I feel very strongly about. In the news article, I 'm a feminist and I 'm against abortion, Erika Bachiochi explains why she is also against abortion. Bachiochi states that we need more support for pregnant women and mothers. Most women who are unexpectedly pregnant tend to feel alone and depressed which leads to abortions. I understand that bearing an unexpected child would seem to interrupt a woman 's ability to design her own future. What does not seem to get through my head is what does a women expect from having unprotected sex.
Every woman has her own goals that she wants to accomplish. I cannot decide for anyone, but one is entitled to his own opinion and stand where he wants to. Someone who is against abortion, even for what he deems as rational reasons, shouldn’t have one. If one stands for abortion, then one should pay the abortion medical fee out his own pocket money, not by insurance or taxpayers money. Other taxpayers who oppose abortion shouldn 't pay for any abortion fees. On the other hand, there is no reason to need abortion when there are plenty of safe contraception methods available, and no I’m not talking about incidents of rape, which obviously cannot be planned for. Now I should mentioned that not everyone is against abortion. That is why I am on the same page with Erika Bachiochi. Bachiochi states, “As a…

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