Abigail Pesta Cyber Bullying

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Cyber bullying is one of the most common types of bullying. Social media is used to share information to the world but it’s also used to harass people on the internet. In the article from the Cosmopolitan online magazine “Who Are You Calling a Bully?” written by Abigail Pesta, is a story of three girls in Florida that started off as friends but it ended up in tragedy. Rebecca Sedwick jumped from towering silos to her death. There were a lot of questions especially to her classmates Katelyn Roman and Guadalupe Shaw. Before these girls knew it, their pictures were all over the news and the internet. They were only between the ages of 12 to 14 years old. When the police began their investigation about this suicide, they found records of cyber bulling through social media and text messages toward Rebecca. There was evidence of messages encouraging her to kill her or derogatory names used such as ‘Ho” and “Ugly”. It seems to be Katelyn was feeling bad about what she done to her classmate and blame herself to a certain extent. She didn’t …show more content…
She expressed that to her Mother, Tricia Norman that Katelyn and Guadalupe was bullying her. Her Mother realizes that she was cutting herself and dealing with some issues at home. Rebecca text some of her friends a goodbye message before she killed herself. Her Mother is heartbroken about her daughter’s death and is an advocate on stopping bullying. She working on a federal antibullying law for those that can be punished if they engage in bullying. The media and the internet put Katelyn and Guadalupe through a lot of shame due to their inappropriate actions against Rebecca. I find it ironic that people in their community used bullying to harass those young women. They were hassled by people in the community and through social media. Katelyn had threating calls from people that said she should die or even men hanging out in front of her home with a shot

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