Persuasive Essay About Cyber Bullying

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On March 29th, 2014 Nailani Buchholz wrote a letter to her parents before she made the fatal decision to hang herself. Nailani was a highly intelligent thirteen year-old teenager who consecutively made straight A’s at Los Osos Middle School (Velie). Growing up, she was taunted about her physical appearance and weight. Her father was aware that the kids were calling her derogatory names since the fourth grade. He also explained that she asked to stay home so that she could avoid bullying (Velie). No one knew that this torment would continue to follow her through middle school. Nailani made changes in her life to lose weight, but the words “fat” and “ugly” resonated in her head and remained there until the moment she decided to take their life. …show more content…
Their website became a huge success when expanded their audience to people in countries beyond the United States. This website enabled users to ask questions to their friends unanimously. This was a contributing factor to the increase of cyber bullying because users were able to ask questions without being “discovered”. They were able to get an answer to the question and never had to reveal their identity (Understanding the Reasons behind The answers were then viewed by anyone online who befriended the individual. If someone liked the response, then the question and response would automatically be posted on her wall for more viewers to see. This is only one website that opened the floor for cyber bullying to occur. Hannah Smith was a teenage girl who decided to hang herself on August 3rd, 2013. Before this fatal decision to take her life, Hannah was taunted and insulted repetitively on Anonymous users wrote mean comments which encouraged Hannah to drink bleach, and cut herself (Hannah Smith). Her father found a note that stated, “...I want to die… I want to be free… I can’t live like this anymore…I’m not happy”, which is extremely powerful (Hannah Smith). This exemplifies the impact harassment and bullying can have on a teenager. The cyber bullies harassed to the point in which everything became overwhelming. The mental damage of words goes beyond a screen as a joke when death becomes a reality for anyone who suffered bullying on social media websites

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