Case Study On Abercrombie And Fitch

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Will fixing abercrombie brand image help get their stock to increase?
Candidate name: Marcus

Abercrombie and fitch is an american retailer that focuses on causal wear for young consumers. Its headquarters are in new albany, ohio. Abercrombie and fitch has 4 different products such as apparel, accessories, personal care, footwear. Mens and woman has different styles the men clothing range includes, tees, polo, shirts, hoodies, sweater, outwear, swim shorts, bodycare. Women has the same stuff except blazer and girl styles. David thomas abercrombie was the founder of american lifestyle brand abercrombie and fitch. David thomas abercrombie opened the company as new york outfitter by himself until later through the years partnered
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Design is a strength because none of the retail brands can become big brand without special focus on design. Abercrombie and fitch, hollister, other clothes company's are known for their design. The design are good it pop out on what your store is about and products you sell. Global presence is a strength because Abercrombie and fitch has strong global presence within us with approximately 400 stores and good presence globally with 1100 stores. Also Website is a strength because Abercrombie and fitch has a website that shows there models and showing off the latest fashion including clothes and accessories.abercrombie and fitch has worldwide shipping that you can buy clothes, accessories online that will ship your products at you home for a low shipping fee. The weakness of Abercrombie and fitch is strong sexual brand image, target group, cost of structure. Strong sexual brand image is a weakness because Abercrombie and fitch is a model store that had them advertise their store. They only want people who is fit and good looking so that the people who is buying there product will thank that the clothes will turn them good looking and fit. If you are not fit or good looking they will not hire you they might make the people not want to buy their product no more. Target group is a weakness because now today Abercrombie and fitch is out of style not because of their product but because of the young kids not wanting to …show more content…
If they change their thing and make their new brand and ad go worldwide people will look and be like Abercrombie and fitch is reopening so they will go to the store and get clothes for discount and that's mean the more money the company is making the more money stockholder making and when people see the company getting more money they will try to get a stock. Also it Abercrombie and fitch wants to make more money they have to change their location all Abercrombie and fitch stores are located in malls or outlet if Abercrombie and fitch had their own outlet with no other store around people will be like I need a shirt so they will go get one but if there place is located in malls they lose a lot of money because of competition that sells the same product they sell for example Nike, tommy ,hollister, pacsun sells the same product of Abercrombie and fitch but their product is in style and Abercrombie and fitch is out of style.finally the reason why Abercrombie and fitch is not making money because

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