Film Review: Good Will Hunting

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Allnith Keoneth
Kent Stratford, LMT
CFS 38 Tuesday and Thursday 11:00-12:15
9 December 2017
Good Will Hunting As a child Will’s childhood was full with abandonment and abuse. He was an orphaned and had to go through many foster homes. During his time in those foster home he was abuse. According to the film Will explains that he was stabbed and cigarette bud burned. With all the abuses that Will when through as a child made him have trust issues. The reason why is because the person the suppose take care of him and love him, just left and abused him. Abandonment and abuse as a child is the letting cause that Will has issues with trusting others. The only people that Will trust is his little group of friends, which they cannot compete with
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Mistrust”; which happens when the person is an infant from ages 1 to 2. During this stage the infants will have to learn how to trusts others by that they will have to feel save with someone. If the infants don’t learn how to trust someone because they feel scared or not save infants will develop doubt and mistrust. When Will was younger, in his childhood, he was abused and this cause him to create mistrust with those around him. At first Will trusted his caregivers, but those caregivers turned their backs on him and abused and hurt him, which created mistrust. He was abused and abandon by the people that supposed to loved and nurture him, with caused him to develop doubt and mistrust. That why Will only have a small group of friends because he never learned how to truly trust someone. He failure of this impacted his relationships with …show more content…
In the film, Sean ask Will about the beating the he got from his foster father, which Will explain his father always give a choice on what objects to beat him with. The choices in objects were between a stick, belt and a wrench, in Will always choose the wrench the hardest and heaviest object. His foster father is letting Will choices his own punishment, by that allowing oneself to accept that they deserve the punishment, in which his foster father wants Will to think that he punishing himself because of the choices in objects he had to pick. Will always had the choice to fight back which was his id, but he never did. His superego was telling him not to do it because his foster father was his caretaker and older person, by having respect he just accepts the punishment. By that it causes Will to grow up and pick fights with those who want to help him. All therapists he had to meet before Sean he would insulted them for taking to help him. In tell he meet Sean his therapist that helped him learned how to stop having the avoidant attachment

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