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|Concern : |Convenient and healthy solutions: |
|Healthy body for all |Birch Tree milk |
|With the growing number of people in the world, there |People want to get healthy body through the food they eat |
|is an increasing focus on health, because more people |and dairy cultures that can boost the immune system and |
|Also means more sick people. How do we ensure that |Improve the gastrointestinal system. Birch tree milk is the
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No need to cook. Just mix and enjoy! The creamy goodness of milk and dairy at a budget-friendly price. If you have seen how it is packed, you will definitely know that it is made for everybody to give us enough calcium. Getting enough calcium is an important part of building healthy bones. Milk and dairy products are one of nature's richest sources of calcium. One glass of Birch tree milk contains around 230mg of calcium!

Unlike most milk drinks in the market, Birch Tree has no sugar or vegetable oil added. Other filled milk powders or milk powder drinks would have these additives deteriorating the nutritional value of pure cow's milk, hence they are less expensive.

It provides optimum everyday nutrition and contains nutrients that good for mental function, strong bones, better resistance, improved digestion and energy production, and muscle development.

We have been known for famous catch phrase "It's everybody's milk!" and for iconic elements (1) cow in the meadow & (2) birch tree on its (3) yellow and green packaging.

Birch the focus towards the youth, teenagers and young adults. The birch tree milk is meant for all the users in higher upper or middle class families being positioned for high income earners. It’s has benefits that consumers seek in the milk. Like some research;

What is taken in during adolescence makes a big difference in the health of bones during the golden years. Almost 50 per cent of bone mass is

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