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Example of the research design part of a thesis (Education)

Example 2


In the previous chapter, the effects of IGI promoting discovery-learning, procedure of IGI, and the effectiveness of IGI on SLA and motivation are discussed. From the insights, parameters for designing materials, tests, and questionnaire are drawn out. Chapter Three is divided into five sections. Research design and subjects and program description sections provide general information about the study. The next three parts, materials, instruments, and procedures of the research are described in details.

3.1. Research Design

This study is carried out with a one group pre-test and post-test design.
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Most of them were undergraduate students of Cantho University; some were high school and junior high school students in Cantho city. The students in the course came from three sources. Some of them have passed the exam of Level B (intermediate-English level) at CTU; some have gotten the Certificate of Level B at other centers of foreign languages; some have just taken the placement test of CFL. Their educational background of general knowledge and English was varied. This is also the primary reason why the research had only one experimental group.

3.3. Materials

Based on the parameters concluded from the part Procedure of Implicit Grammar Instruction (part 2.3 of this thesis), and the first four chapters of the main course book Mosaic One: A Content-Based Grammar (Werner, 1996), the detailed lesson plans have been designed (see Appendix one). To promote discovery-learning in the treatment, three stages of tasks must be concentrated. First, noticing and awareness of form are designed in Setting the Context. Next, exercises in Thinking about Meaning and Use are discovery-based, and they encourage learners to use their grammatical knowledge and English skills to express their remarks and finish the tasks. Finally, the three parts Practicing, Using What You’ve Learned, and Taking a Step Beyond are production tasks that move from controlled to free language activities. Besides, Review Exercises is a consolidation part of the materials. It

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