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¬ regarding many of the ceramic styles he found, where it was found and therefore what it may signify and why it is important.
What are the Issues and the Claims?
Ramsden 2009
Questions the Research was Designed to Address:
1. Why had some houses, such as House 10 and 14, extended double their length at one time?
2. Why had a neighboring house located in one part of the village been dismantled before the abandonment of the village and never rebuilt?
3. What are the political and economic changes that took place at the Benson site?
4. The relationship between houses, between features within houses and between houses and middens.

Answers the Research Produced:
¬ the evidence of hearths, pits and interior posts within the extensions suggests
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The questions Ramsden (2009) discusses depends on the interrelationship between the archaeological record and the past contexts (Gibbon 2014). He uses the evidence from the archaeological record in order to understand the past house histories and the changes that occurred in the community. Ramsden (2009) utilized a house structures, features, faunal remains and other artifacts in order to understand the past. Additionally, his questions require him to look towards the archaeological record in order to interpret the past. Ramsden (2009) brought the past to life through the archaeological record.
Opinions in Place of Conclusions: There are not a lot of opinions that are in place of conclusions in Ramsden’s (2009) article. I believe this article has a lot of support for the conclusions that are made, although, there are a few opinions as mentioned below.
The following are opinions that are evident in Ramsden (2009) article:
¬ Households near House 10 were dismantled in order for its inhabitants to move into House 10 to show solidarity with its economic and political positioning (Ramsden

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