AUCA Case Study

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As it is known, buyer decision-making process is based on five stages of factors and variables that influence the behavior of consumers. This stages lead a shopper to purchase a new product.

Firstly, it is need recognition. Need recognition is induced by internal and external stimuli of buyer. In our case with AUCA as product we have internal stimuli of the buyer seeking for education and self-development. Moreover, the external stimuli of the buyer currently would be the new campus of AUCA offering higher conditions for students than other universities, therefore, it influences to consumer behavior. The need of study in AUCA can be represented in two ways: functional and social needs. For the first one consumer needs to get education
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It was the start-up point, the stage of introducing new product. After while, it grew in the form of 3G and 3GS. Using Market Expansion Strategy company started to spread its product outside of the country. Then the iPhone developed into an amazing 4 & 4S. Apple improved the quality of the product and add some features, consequently, new phone showed rapid sales growth. More and more people start to fall in love with this phone. Its popularity was growing bringing more profit. Each year adding new models of iPhone company lowered the price for last models to keep their sales and to attract price-sensitive buyers. Now it got into another stage. The iPhone seems to have got in a stage where its popularity in its peak. With the release of iPhone 5/5s/5c and the latest model 6/6s Apple expanded the market according to market modification. All the features have been improved. The company has stable profit even it gets higher each time with release of new phone. Apple is in mature stage of its life cycle. But now comes question of how many versions of iPhone Apple can give out. Apple should think about rebirth of iPhone otherwise new product will replace …show more content…
5. Apple Watch
6. Apple TV
7. Software

Apple’s Pricing Policy
Company uses a premium pricing strategy. In marketing mix main emphasize is made how the price represent the company and its products. Therefore, in case with Apple the premium pricing strategy contains high prices. On the one hand this strategy maintain Apple’s and its products high-end image. On another hand this pricing strategy attract people from the middle and upper classes. Nevertheless, Apple has high profitability because the high prices relatively make profit. Hence, marketing mix of the Apple company is aimed to premium product development strategy.
Place/Distribution in Apple Inc. Apple’s marketing mix contains a holistic approach to distribution, using advantage of different distribution channels.Basically, the company uses a selective distribution strategy. Company authorizes sellers to ensure control over this component of the marketing mix. The following places are included in Apple’s distribution strategy:
• Apple Stores – the most visible place to sell Apple products.
• Online Apple Store and App Store – is also easy way to purchase the companies poducts.
• Authorized retailers (Walmart, Target, Best Buyand

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