AT & A Brief History Of Advertising And Promotions

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Advertising & promotions
I would like to begin with a quick history of the company that i have choose. The company that i have choose is AT&T reason being they do a lot of advertising and promotions, and it is a very successful company. A brief history about AT&T “the company that became AT&T began in year
1875. There was an inventor by the name Alexander Graham and 2 other men to helped fund his brilliant idea alexander 's idea was to make a talking telegraph” otherwise known as a telephone today. when Alexander 's patent expired in year 1894 over six thousand telephone companies opened up. January first 1984 The Bell Systems where dead, and in its place came the company as we know today AT&T.
In the 1990s a new thing was being used called the internet. Which
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As opposed to the other add is trying to sell you their product by sort of assuring you that for as little as $9.99 this problem would never happen. Now the first advertisement is a perfect example of corporate advertisement because it 's only about their personal image not about an actual product maybe in the long run it will help sell but that 's not its actual goal, and in the second the sole purpose was to sell you something. one of things we discussed in class was goodwill advertising and with a little of digging At&t does a lot of it, 1. at&t has given over $350 million to help the education system in the USA. 2. this doesn 't include that they have helped build parks, they somehow managed to get 5.4 million volunteer hours to the help society. “AT&t has project called mobilezing learning this project started with Momentous institute by bringing special high speed internet and tablets to students and teachers”. 3.” AT&T has partnered with Apple by bringing 30,000 students up to date with internet and gadgets, and optional web filtering”.
Randall Stephenson C.E.O of AT&t his total net worth $81.29 million coming in #34 highest

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