AT & T Advertising Campaign Analysis

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Advertising & promotions
I would like to begin with a quick history of the company that i have choose. The company that i have choose is AT&T reason being they do a lot of advertising and promotions, and it is a very successful company. A brief history about AT&T “the company that became AT&T began in year
1875. There was an inventor by the name Alexander Graham and 2 other men to helped fund his brilliant idea alexander 's idea was to make a talking telegraph” otherwise known as a telephone today. when Alexander 's patent expired in year 1894 over six thousand telephone companies opened up. January first 1984 The Bell Systems where dead, and in its place came the company as we know today AT&T.
In the 1990s a new thing was being used called the internet. Which would change the way the
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because in our day many people use the internet to do their work.
In fact people use the internet for everything. which means advertising is so big in the USA that in year “2015 over $189 billion was spent on ads alone that is crazy number.
As we established that i have already mentioned that AT&t does a lot of advertising. I would like to give two examples of their advertising campaign. In the first advertisement you will see in the beginning a woman surrounded by beautiful nature and you can see her connecting with her friend threw the internet what this shows is that usually when you are surrounded by nature there is no service here i guess there is. Then you see a man conducting some business and the add says we are business. implying that they are good for business to. Then u see a perfect example of entertainment you see 2 kids watching a movie in the middle of the night.
Then you see a good example of security but if you pay close attention that when you can sort of guess through the logo that the advertisement is A&t 's because of the giant & in the sky. & during the adv you hear them say “& the internet of things. Then they end off saying AT&t is

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