Michelob Ultra Light Beer Advertisement Analysis

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The chosen advertisement is an advertisement for Michelob Ultra light beer. On the top half of the advertisement is a picture of a man and a woman in running clothes jogging alongside the shore of a beach. The sand is wet, with footprints behind them. The sun is shining in between them on the horizon, and the ocean behind them is very calm. To the right there is a large boat dock that stretches out to the middle of the image. Above them in the center of the image in large blue letters reads “superior light beer”. Superior is bolded. Below the word superior are the words “light beer” in all capital letters. In between those two words is a red ribbon, the right half darker than the left. The image on the bottom shows a group of five people talking, …show more content…
It’s encouraging people to consume alcohol because their product is “healthier” than other beers because it’s lower in calories and carbs. Basically, it’s giving people an excuse to consume alcohol, and allowing them to justify their habits. It’s saying “Drink this, and you’ll be happy and healthy and confident. You’ll have fun and won’t have a care in the world!” While the idea of having fun as well as staying in shape are generally very positive ideas, they are conveyed in a very incorrect way. There are a lot of things wrong with the messages in the advertisement. First off, as with anything in relation to diet, an important factor in managing weight is consuming everything in moderation. The sad reality is, people that consume alcohol don’t normally “drink responsibly”. If someone’s drinking beer at a party, they’re going to consume upwards of six or seven beers, maybe more. The fact that this is “light beer” is just a way to let people justify drinking it. But if people are consuming a whole six pack of these beers at a time, chances are they aren’t going to lose weight, and they may even still end up gaining

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