A Worldview Is The Compass For The Roadmap Of Life Essay

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Primarily, a worldview is a collection of beliefs or a narrative which allows someone to derive answers to the five fundamental questions of life. These include discerning our ethical standards, beginning, life objectives, self-value, and future. Moreover, all of our other beliefs flow out of this basic foundation. In its simplest form, a worldview is the compass for the roadmap of life. (Word Count: 62)

Secondly, a biblical worldview uses the Bible, God’s written words, to generate answers to the five fundamental questions of life. Overall, it seeks to illuminate His overarching plan of creation, fall, and redemption. To begin with, it conjunctively assumes that our beginning and purpose originated from God. The opening chapter of this book, Genesis one, recounted His literal creation of the world by which man came into existence, and this constitutes a purpose for mankind. Since no one would rationally create something to bring them discontentment, the Lord created us for His pleasure. Hence, man’s purpose is to bring God glory through our actions. Specifically for a Christian, this results in obeying the Great Commission to witness and further God’s kingdom. Secondly, a biblical worldview teaches through Scripture that our identity comes our image, which is God’s. Since the Lord fearfully and wonderfully made us, we must recognize the value of human life. God explained this principle to Noah when He instituted a death penalty for anyone who murders a fellow human…

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