A Text Is A Language Essay

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A text is a unit of language in use. It is not a grammatical unit, like a clause or a sentence; and it is not defined by its size. A text is sometimes envisaged to be some kind of super sentence, a grammatical unit that has larger than a sentence but is related to a sentence in the same way that a sentence is related to a clause to a group and so on: by constituency, the composition of larger units out of smaller ones. But this is misleading. A text is not something that is like a sentence, only bigger; it is something that differs from a sentence in kind… A text does not consist of sentences, it is realized by, or encoded in, sentences. ( Halliday and Hassan 1976:1-2).
According to Lyons A text is not just a sequence of sentences strung together, but a sequence of units.”A text as a whole must exhibit the related, but distinguishable properties properties of cohesion and coherence” (Lyons, 1983:198). Thus ,cohesion is concerned with the formal connectedness. What’s more, schemas’ activation according to McCarthy (2001) is very necessary to contribute a text because “The text is not a container of meaning which the reader simply downloads. How sentences relate to one another and how the units of meaning combine to create a coherent extended text in the result of interaction between the reader’s world and the text” ( Mc Carthy 2001:97) According to Halliday and Hasan A text is the product of ongoing selection in a very large network of systems – a system network. Systemic…

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