A Ted Talk Titled ' Confessions Of A Depressed Comic ' Essay

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In a Ted talk titled “Confessions of a depressed comic,” 19 year-old comedian and mental health activist Kevin Breel states that every 30 seconds, someone commits suicide. This adds up to almost 3,000 deaths every day. According to the CDC’s suicide datasheet, an estimated 9.3 million adults in the US reported having suicidal thoughts in 2013. That’s 3.9% of the entire population of the United States. Now, these numbers can seem so gargantuan, almost unbelievably so, that they fly over the heads of most people who read them, so for some perspective, here is some math. For every 100 US citizens, if 3.9% of them have reported having suicidal thoughts, then 1 out of every 26 people have reported having suicidal thoughts in the past year. Do you have more than 26 friends? Andrew Solomon is yet another Ted speaker who spoke at a TEDxMet conference. His talk is titled “Depression, the secret we share.” He relates some things that are commonly referenced when talking about depression; how it is not simple sadness, and how it is not grief either. Six months after experiencing a “catastrophic” loss, if you are still intensely sad, but feeling better, it is most likely grief. If you can barely function at all, however, it is more likely to be depression. He muses “People think of depression as being just sadness. It’s much, much too much sadness, much too much grief at far too slight a cause.” It would, of course, have to be, for someone to consider taking their own life to…

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