A Teacher Is A Person Who Teaches Or Instructs Essays

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A teacher is a person who teaches or instructs. There are many different types of teachers, from early childhood teachers to high school teachers and everything in between. Teaching is one of the most rewarding professions out there. Teachers have to be caring and enthusiastic and ready for anything that might happen in the classroom. They must always put the child first and never be selfish. All teachers have to be patient; children are very needy so the teacher has to cater to all of the child’s needs. Being a teacher can be stressful and busy at times, so there is never time to take a break and sit down, but having this job will never be boring. Teaching is a job where nothing is routine and nothing ever goes according to plan. Everything is unexpected, but there is nothing better in the world than to be a teacher.
Being a teacher is something that I have wanted to do for my whole life. When I was a young child, I would always go down to my basement and teach lessons to my stuffed animals. I always loved kids and wanted to help them become successful. That is the reason why I wanted to become a teacher. I have always cared a lot about people and taking care of people. Before coming to Coastal, I was never sure on the occupation that would fit me best. I was either thinking about becoming an elementary school teacher or a nurse. I chose to pursue a job in education because I knew that I would be better at teaching my students everything they need to know to help them…

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