Essay about A Tangled Child : Pack Your Things, We Are Leaving

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A Tangled Child
“Pack your things, we are leaving.”

This was not your typical divorce. It was very rough time and not something I usually like to talk about or would want to relive. The divorces you tend to see in movies, where the parents might not like each other, but they still chose to put their children first and make the situation less stressful is something I have always wanted. Do not get me wrong, I never wanted my parents to get a divorce in the first place, but if had to choose how things went, I would have liked something similar to what you see in the movies. A simple divorce that occurs easily, quickly, and the parents are still able to remain friends for the sake of their children.

I was at the age of seven when I first found out that my parents were having a divorce. At this age, I do not think I was at a level of maturity to understand what exactly that meant. I have never heard of one let alone my parents did not do that great of a job explaining it to me. My parents are both very loving parents do not get me wrong, but throughout the divorce, they turned very nasty and grouchy. To me, it seemed like they were only thinking about themselves as did not really take the time to think about my older sister and I and how we were being affected by the situation. Our nights usually consisted of getting sent to bed early, listening to my parents rant and fight from the other room, thinking we could not hear them. It was a very emotional time…

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