Essay about A Study Sampling The Fortune 500 Companies

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When President Barack Obama signed Executive Order 13583 (2011), establishing a government-wide initiative to promote diversity and inclusion in the federal workforce, he set the standard for all corporations in America to recruit, hire, and retain a competitive and diverse workforce (para. 1). While diversity in business has been proven advantageous, as it brings a wide selection of backgrounds, talents, and perspectives to the table, we have yet to see that advantage fully translate to the boardroom, the pinnacle of power in the corporate world. The problem is that many of the white male members who sit on the boards of the biggest companies in the U.S. do not view diversity as relevant at the organization’s decision-making level. In fact, most believe that it may lead to trouble. However, a study sampling the Fortune 500 companies finds a positive relationship between racial and gender diversity and a firm’s performance and innovative style (Miller & Triana, 2009). Therefore, diversity in the corporate leadership of our country is a reality that must soon be embraced.
Organizations that focus on diversity and inclusion have lower turnover rates, save more money, and have better trained and more motivated employees. According to James (2016), a business becomes stronger and more competitive when it leverages the talents of all its employees (para. 2). Using the different backgrounds, cultures, and viewpoints of all the employees can help create better and more innovative…

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