A Study On The Museum Experience Essay

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1. Problem description
A common problem with museums today is that they place heavy emphasis on reading as a method of delivering information. While effective for many, there are specific groups of people that are either not capable of reading, struggle to read dense blocks of text, or do not have the attention span to read. The museum experience should be able to cater to as many groups as possible, and without reading the descriptive plaques, the experience is stripped to visuals with little information to back it up.
While some museums provide auditory experiences, they are often disjointed from the rest of the exhibit and do not provide a unified experience for the visitor. They tend to be in one specific location of the exhibit, usually in the form of occasional films or sound bits. When offered, an auditory experience should be consistent through the whole exhibit.
By taking advantage of an interactive narration application, a larger net of visitors will be able to learn about a specific exhibit without the need of hiring additional staff.
2. Motivation
The Canadian History Museum can see an impact in increased attendance, reputation, and general satisfaction by including a unified auditory experience to its visitors.
Attendance would go up due to the fact that more people would be able to participate in exhibits.
Not just for those that need an auditory experience, but to those who wish to have an alternative experience outside of the traditional けヴW;S ;ミS ノララニげ one.…

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