A Study On The Advertisement Of The Schick Company, Manufactures Razor Blades For Shaving Unwanted Hair

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The advertisement used for this semiotic reading is for the Schick Company that manufactures razor blades for shaving unwanted hair. The ad is located in Shape magazine, which endorses fitness, and supplies tips to help people keep their bodies in shape. Easy access makes this physical copy of the advertisement attainable to people who are most likely working out in gyms, or is insecure with their bodies. However, the marketing of this particular ad is towards women who want to keep their bikini areas trimmed and contained of unwanted hair as way to beautify themselves.
There are numerous denotations located in the composition of this advertisement. The composition features an outdoor nature landscape, Greek architectural structures, and a Greek statue of Venus. The upper third of the advertisement is a marbling blue sky, with wispy white clouds. The crisp blue sky activates the ambiances of a late spring or early summer atmosphere. Forest green trees are located furthest in the background on the perspective plane. The leaves of the trees are bigger, broader, and are spherical in shape. Additionally, the tree line is organic in silhouette, with untamed tree branches chaotically protruding out in all directions. A row of trimmed and geometric square shaped bushes sit in front of these trees. However, the foreground now begins with the placement of the horizontal line and creates a deep perspective on the picture plane. In addition, there is a field of freshly trimmed grass…

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