A Study On Small Group Learning Essay

1068 Words Apr 8th, 2016 null Page
Small group learning is one way of education, where students form a group to study some topics together (Shrawder, 2009). It is now widely used in all levels of teaching in many countries all around the world. Learning in small groups is quite different from the other two learning methods mostly used by university students, which are individual learning and large group learning. Unlike individual learning, where one student study independently by himself or herself, small group learning usually involves 3 to 6 people and they learn new things cooperatively. It is also different from large group learning in that small groups are more controllable, and everyone can participate in the conversation. Learning in small groups can promote students’ interaction and motivation, helping them to achieve the goal in a more comprehensive and effective way. It activates the initiation and creativity of students, as well as training their ability of communication, problem solving and coordination (Davis, 1999). These qualities can hardly be obtained in the classroom.
In universities, independent learning is quite important, because students are learning in a brand new style other than that in high school where teachers take responsibility of each student, and their school work are monitored. Students have to adjust their own pace, adapt to different teaching methods by different professors, and figure out their best way of studying. As a results, student will form group to learn things…

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