A Study On Small Group Communication Essay examples

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I have been taking this class for nearly three months. During three months, I learned a lot about small group communication, especially the group climate and interaction are going well in our group. Our group works well on building and keeping positive attitude to our assignments and supportive climate. Each group member devotes to create an atmosphere that our group is the best group. For instance, our group member Erik and Jo always said some words of praise and encouragement, such as “we are really a good group”. They are trying so hard to make our group stay positive, and it’s working. I am looking forward to seeing our group members out of class time. In our group, there is no defensive climate. Everyone is trying their best to solve the problems we had and get involved in the conversation. First of all, I am really satisfied with my group. Everything goes well except one thing that my group missed a group member Pino. Before he left, every group member had their own roles in the group and fulfill their duties. According to the book, it said that group role is the important proportion of the group and the quality of cooperation between members have influence on the result of the group. Pino plays a very important role in our group. He was the member who could catch the key points and brought out to other group members. Also he was a very forward information finder. For example, during our discussion of voluntary service, Pino always could find the information that we…

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