A Study On Online Consent Form Essay

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290 people (84 men 206 women) Ages 18-85 were are asked to complete an online survey. There were 27 black, 23 Hispanic, 213 white, and 23 that identified as other or more than one race.
In this study the script (see appendix A) was used as well. It’s asking that the subject participate in the study by filling out the survey. The script also states that the researcher will not be able to see the results, how long the study will take and if they decide not to participate so let the researcher know so they can find someone else to participate. It does let the participant know when to complete the survey by and the access code and the link to the survey.
Also included in this experiment is the online consent form (see appendix B). this form assures the participant again that their results are completely confidential and they can refuse to participate at any time. It also includes who to contact if they have any issues with the study. The consent for outlines the purpose of the study and that there are no direct benefits from doing the study. If they click continue they will be directed to the survey. Which means that the person has agreed to proceed and take the survey.
The last part of this study is the online demographic survey (see appendix C) it asks questions about hair color, race, and traffic violations. It also asks about education level and open ended questions such as: how many times have you been pulled over and received a ticket?…

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