A Study On A Guide On Family Visitation Essay

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Lay Audience Brochure. A Guide to Family Visitation The process of disseminating information requires nursing scholars to identify a target audiences and develop a communication medium that is applicable to the audience’s literacy and comprehension needs (Bastable, 2006). The target audience can range from professionals in the field of interest to the general population, known as a lay audience. The purpose of this paper is to identify the target lay audience for a brochure entitled, A Guide to Family Visitation. The brochure was developed as a communication medium for disseminating information drawn from the scholarly article entitled, To Open or not to Open. Should that still be the Question? Examining Open Visitations for Critical Care Units. In addition, rationale for selecting a brochure as the communication medium will be provided. The paper will begin by highlighting the purpose and objectives of the brochure.
Brochure Purpose The brochure was developed with the intentions of providing families of critically ill patient with a guideline for open visitation within the Critical Care Unit (CCU) at Guelph General Hospital (GGH). Providing families with visitation guidelines clarifies family member’s visitation rights, and standardizes visitation opportunities for all CCU families and patients (American Association of Critical-Care Nurses [AACCN], 2015). The aims of the brochure are to ensure family members understand that:
1) Family visitation is welcomed in the CCU…

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