A Social Work At My Prominent University Essay

1223 Words Feb 1st, 2015 null Page
For as long as I can remember I have always had the innate need to help the less fortunate. I used to tell myself that when it was time for me to choose a career, it would be in a field that I appreciate and love. My grandmother always told me that if I decided work in a field that I love, it would be as if I had never worked a day in my life and this is one of the reasons I have decided to pursue a degree in social work at your prominent university. I would like to become one of the professionals who advocate for the rights and fair treatment of oppressed groups. I would like to become one of the social work professionals who have their clients’ best interest at heart and fight to ensure that social and economic justice is present in our communities.
1. While social and economic justice are important elements that contribute to healthy and prosperous communities and while it would be a dream to live in a world that provides equal opportunities to all, a modern hierarchical framework makes it next to impossible. In today’s society there are distinct discrepancies in the treatment of individuals when it comes to their economic, social and political privileges. For example, minorities often have a difficult time finding access to resources that might be beneficial to themselves or their families. In instances like these those who are oppressed and discriminated against often develops feelings of frustration and mistrust towards the social systems that are meant to…

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