Mrs. Morgan's Feelings Analysis

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Mrs. Morgan’s Feelings
While preparing to go to the Public Assistance Office, Mrs. Morgan was feeling a slight dose of anxiety. I believe she felt this way because she woke up very early to get her children ready, and even dressed her baby the night before. I feel like she did these things to assure that she would be at the bus stop on time so she could get to the office. After boarding the bus without enough money and being called out by the bus driver in front of everybody, once Mrs. Morgan sat down, I believe she was feeling embarrassed and a bit overwhelmed as she cried during the bus ride and exited the bus through the side door because she could not bare to look the people in the other seats in the eye. Although a lady stood up for her
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Morgan not telling the Public Assistance Office she had a job, but I do understand why she did it. She knew she would have to be living paycheck to paycheck if she only had one or the other. Ultimately she thought she was doing what was best for her family, and herself. While Mrs. Morgan was at work, she knew she could not hire somebody to watch her kids, so she had her oldest child Sally take care of the two younger kids. I personally don’t see a problem here. I understand the Sally was only six years old, but if she is responsible enough call 911 and change a diaper when she needs to, I don’t think it is a big deal for her to watch them a couple hours a day. I do however, feel bad for Sally because she has to be responsible and grow up at such a young age. Another reason I don’t see an issue with this situation is because Mrs. Morgan worked nights, and the children would be asleep for almost the whole time Mrs. Morgan was gone. I do believe that Mrs. Morgan made good use of the resources she had. She had an aunt available to her near the social service office, and she and her kids went and stayed the night there so they could have a decent meal, and sleep in a little bit longer than they would if they had been home. She also used the social service office well and managed to get everything she needed. She used her money she obtained very responsibly by buying things she knew would last a long time and by adding prices making sure she didn’t pass

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