A Social Service Worker Through My Experiences With My First Placement

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My self-reflection paper will give you an in depth idea about my first placement in January. I will go into details about my interests, readiness, learning goals and placement search process. I have created five learning goals that I would like to accomplish at my first placement. That is to learn how to be a social service worker through my experiences with my first placement. I will be discussing why I want to become a social service worker and which social/populations I would be interested in and why. The many Interests that I have chosen through this program will be discussed in a micro, macro and mezzo continuum. My readiness for my placement will be discussed in how I am prepared for this as well as if I have any fears or concerns and including the challenges that I am anticipating. But I have learned many strategies from my program that have shown me ways to deal with certain issues that I will be faced with. I have chosen two organizations to write about. These organizations are Redemption Ministries and Regeneration Outreach. I will give information on these organizations.

PART-1 : Interests

What has motivated me to be a social worker is the fact that I actually like helping people and help them solve their own problems. I like to do research on their problem in order to give them possible solution(s) or an idea of how they can have their situation solved. This started when I came back from Ghana. I was looking for a job and I looked…

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