A Short Note On Customer Relationship Management ( Crm ) Essay

873 Words Nov 17th, 2015 4 Pages
Branding and customer relationship management (CRM) is essential to the lodging industry because it improves services delivery and consistency to deal with all stakeholders and eventually increase loyalty. Hilton pays close attention to CRM in all their resorts across the globe. The reason behind Hilton focusing on CRM because it gives the hotel a competitive advantage to attract more customers coming in to the hotel. They also focused on diversification through their casinos and vacation packages; they want to differentiate themselves from its competitors through CRM initiatives and to gain customers loyalty in the long term. CRM offers information about customers visiting the Hilton hotels all over the world and give them a customer preferences on what they like or dislike in the hotel so the staff and management can solve any problems that the customers experienced on their stay at the hotel and take immediate actions so it doesn’t happen again. CRM connects employees and customers together and increase their communication to reach customers satisfaction. They do care about their brand since they opened hotels around the globe and they want to sustain their customer’s satisfaction (Applegate, L., & Piccoli, G. 2008). Also, geographic diversification would give an opportunity to Hilton to show their brand to current or new customers and captivate their wants and needs like what Harrah’s did to attract more customers to visit their hotels more than once every year.…

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