A Research Study On Workplace Culture And Socialization Essay

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Part I- Global Comparisons/U.S. vs. Switzerland
My global comparison on work life balance will be the U.S. and Switzerland. I chose Switzerland because I have always heard great rumblings about how well the Swiss treats its workforce. I decided to explore this more to determine whether or not it compares positively or negatively on the work life balance in the U.S. My objective is determine which country promotes the best work-life balance that promote a healthy and productive work environment. I will specifically discuss workplace culture and socialization – how does each company shape the culture of work in a business environment and does the business necessarily dictate how employees interact with one another , unemployment and income – explore the rates of unemployment and options available to skilled and unskilled workers and work and its reward – now that you have accepted the job how are employees rewarded in terms of salary and fringe benefits; specifically what is considered fringe benefits in the business work environment.
In my research in comparing workplace culture and socialization I found that the US businesses don’t clearly draw the line between business and personal matters. In the US we tend to blend the two topics together, it could be attributed to the long hours employees work in business organizations. The philosophy is that workers spend more time at work than with family. According to the Washington Post (McGregor, 2014), the average full time worker…

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