Essay about A Research Study On Biomedical Science

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Being able to apply biology based science to medical use paves the way to further study the complexity of the human body. The limitless discoveries that can be made in the realm of biomedical science in which potential new medical advances, cures and a deeper anatomical understanding is what motivates me to be a part of this ever-changing profession.
I recall being introduced to science in school and how there was so much I didn’t know and my need to absorb new information . Since then my inquisitive personality has only grown over the years as my exposure to science during my undergraduate studies has increased my desire to understand life on a deeper biological level, thus inspiring me to pursue a career in biomedical science. I desire a deeper understanding of the human biological system so that I can be involved in the analysis and diagnosis of disease.
To have a further insight in the field of biomedicine and what it entails I shadowed under the supervision of a obstetrician/gynecologist. I observed how diagnosing medical problems and being able to treat various illnesses and diseases rely on the many medical advances done today. Whether it was answering concerned mothers about their pregnancy or reassuring patients about abnormal results, the interaction between the patients and the doctor was really beneficial to see. The biggest impression I remember was hearing for the first time in my life the heartbeat of an unborn child. I was left speechless and overwhelmed…

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