Essay on A Research Project On Service Learning Project

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Service-Learning Project This semester I participated in two different community credit opportunities. Through these opportunities, I significantly learned about the different community goals and organizations. The first credit opportunity I participated in was “My Choice” community project, which was two credits. The other community credit opportunity that I attended was the Tim Buchanan presentation that was held on Wednesday, November 2, which was one credit. “My Choice” is modeled after “The Contraceptive Choice Project.” The mission of “The Contraceptive Choice Project” states “We start this research project to remove the financial barriers to contraception, promote the most effective methods of birth control, and reduce unintended pregnancy” (“My Choice”, n.d.).This project’s goal was to help plan the future for young women. In America, the number of women who put off their goals are too high due to an unexpected pregnancy. These unexpected pregnancies are due to women not using birth control or using it inefficiently and ineffectively. The odds are high for an unplanned pregnancy if one is having unprotected sex. This project focuses mainly on the LARC, long-acting reversible contraception. “Long-acting reversible contraception methods include the intrauterine device and the birth control implant; both methods are highly effective in preventing pregnancy, last for several years, and are easy to use” (“Long-Acting Reversible Contraception, 2016). Once the device is…

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