A Research On The Field Of Psychology Essay

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Becoming a practitioner scholar in the field of psychology is about being knowledgeable. This is an important vision to me as I have worked very hard to get to this point. I know that there will be obstacles that may hinder me from accomplishing my goals. However, I do understand that there are ways to overcome those obstacles. With my action plan that I have designed for myself, I am confident that I will achieve my vision. I plan to achieve, my vision in a timely manner. As I continue to do my research on the field of counseling an d learn about this field I began to get excited about reaching my goals. There are several requirements that I do have to adhere to before reaching my vision and getting licensed. With proper knowledge about my state requirements, I am assured that I can plan ahead and prepare. achieving my vision would mean a lot to me as I have grown from feeling unsure of what my future holds, to very sure of what could be. Becoming a practitioner scholar in the field of psychology would be something I know I would enjoy because this is such a rewarding field. As I continue with my journey, I know that I will be able to build a good character along the way and develop new skills to help me end my journey strong. in the end, becoming a practitioner scholar in the field of psychology will be a rewarding career.

Your Career in Psychology
My passion in psychology lies within helping people. This is such a broad field like any other study…

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