A Research On Alternative Medicine Essay

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In recent years, interest in alternative medicine or what 's also known as physical therapy has been clearly emerged at the public, so that almost third of American people; public patients seek physical treatment. Nearly over 8900 American adults and 17000 children between ages of 4 and 17 according to the national health statistics report.(1) Thus, media reports also attest to common use of alternative medicine e.g a recent news article showed that thirty-four billions are spent yearly by on alternative medicine. Of course, by American, which is NOT a few.(2) Nevertheless, no one has initiated to ask the general public why they tend to put all these money on such treatment, or rather how far up their knowledge of it to take into consideration as remedy. (9) Yet, looking back to one of champion of the health alternative care movement Tom Harkin 's saying that people though were using alternative medicine, nobody mentioned that, which made studies on alternative medicine much difficult. He deeply wanted to bring complementary and alternative medicine out into open and provide to examination. He has furthermore helped appointing public recognition and federal found for research in alternative and complementary medicine and stated that(10) :
"This is just what American are looking for. They want less invasive, less expensive, less impersonal medical treatment. they want remedies that are safe, holistic, and affordable. they want to be involved in their own health care. they…

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