A Research At Wisconsin Athletic Club Daycare Essay

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For the observation project, I chose to do my research at Wisconsin Athletic Club daycare where I watched a 6-year old girl named Maya. Maya is in 5k and is a bright young girl with an outgoing personality. I observed Maya in a daycare setting with newborns to children 13 years of age. The daycare contained a large amount of toys and activities for the children to engage in. Maya was surrounded by children a few years younger than her, and only had a few other 6 year olds to play with. Over the course of the two hours I was there, I observed Maya transition from activity to activity while interacting with children of varied ages. As I observed Maya, it was clear that her actions correlated well with certain theories of development we have learned in class. For example, the first one I noticed was when Maya and her younger brother, lucas, were playing dress-up. The theory that came to mind was Lawrence Kohlberg 's cognitive developmental theory of gender-role development. Specifically, the third stage of his theory related best to the situation. The stage is described as gender constancy, which is when the child finally understands that gender is constant. Therefore, the child is old enough to realize that whichever gender they are born as, that will not change. The theory related to my observation of Maya because when her brother wore a girl’s purse and put on a dress, she said how silly it was that he was putting on girl’s attire, and that he she’s a girl so she should…

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