A Report On Therapeutic Visitation Services Essay

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This progress report reflects the Therapeutic Visitation Services provided to the Lynn family during a four month period between May of 2015 and August of 2015. Dr. Mark Sweeney of the Capital Region Children’s Center (CRCC), the author of this report, provided these services directly. Thus far, both parents have been active and willing participants in this process. While difficult and challenging moments have presented themselves, both parents remain committed to the process and willing to take direction and accept feedback despite their strong feelings and hesitations. In light of their numerous differences, both parents have been willing to attempt well-thought-out risks in effort to help South and Jackson heal their relationship with Ms. Lynn, which is in their best interest.

This work is focused on stimulating and maintaining change as it relates to the relationship dynamics between Ms. Lynn and her boys. Given what was already a hostile and negative co-parenting dynamic with highly strained parent-child relationships, some positive outcomes have emerged including the following:

Ms. Lynn has been able to display and maintain healthy communication and problem-solving strategies.
Ms. Lynn has able to listen to and partially accept the thoughts, feelings, and feedback offered by the children.
Ms. Lynn has been willing and able to express appropriate thoughts and emotions related to how badly she wants to repair her relationships with the children.
Ms. Lynn,…

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