A Report On The Human Resource Management Essay

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This report will discuss about the Human Resource Management in Organizations. HRM is simply a strategically planned approach to an organization’s most important assets that are the employees working there who works individually or in groups to complete the core objectives of the organization (Armstrong and Taylor 2014). In this report we will highlight the case of a leading Electronic Manufacturing Services provider Flextronics having headquarter in Singapore and operating in over 30 countries with a workforce of 162,000 employees as of 2008 and revenues of US$27.6 Billion. The company has its manufacturing units established in low cost countries like India, Brazil, China, Hungary, Mexico, Poland and Ukraine, offering widest worldwide EMS capabilities from designing to building and finally shipping the complete packaged product to its OEM customers. As a big organization, having its business empire spread across the globe, many problems in different regions were also faced by Flextronics in due course of time and to overcome those problems with a good Human Resource Management was crucial. We will further discuss about some of the problems faced in their journey and the way they tackled the problems in this report.
Organizational HRM
Nowadays HRM is not seen as just management of human workforce but it has become a source to bring innovations in organizations which completely gives edge in this competitive era (Jiménez-Jiménez and Sanz-Valle 2008). There is a…

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