Essay about A Report On Clutch Shoe Incorporation

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This report analyzes Clutch Shoe Incorporation and presents recommendations to increase sales with an annual marketing plan.
Clutch Shoes are designed to fit all audiences. The company will be an uplifting functional shoe solution for all types of fashion styles. It will be customizable in terms of style, colors, fabrics, themes, and accessories. Consumers of the Clutch Shoe will have the flexibility of having different outlooks of shoes that we will provide and can customize their own shoe at will. You can easily come in the store and have your shoe done within an hour or two depending on the style, you do. This shoe will always come thru in the clutch.

Target Audience
Our target audience is comprised of fashion-conscious, active children, and social pre-teens, teenagers, young adults, and adults. With this new style of fashion, their wardrobes are now fun, stylish, and most importantly personal. Now they do not have to emulate their idols they can become them in a matter of seconds.

Marketing Strategy
Overall, Clutch Shoe marketing strategy is to focus on our personal connection with our customers. We will provide high-end designs and accessories with different style of shoes. The concept is that the customer feels like they are artist in their own rights.

Target Market
Initially, Clutch Shoe will start in the regional area of Dallas. Through expanded marketing and advertising, we will start socially through Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. We anticipate the…

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