A Report On Central Services Essay

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Central Services is a heating and cooling company that also does some work in plumbing and electrical areas. While it solely operates in residential single family homes, it can, under special circumstances do work in commercial. Central Services is a company that is located all across the United States. However, each one can be owned privately, and the one that I work for is locally owned by a married couple. Currently, there are six members of the office staff, four technicians, and the two managers who split the management between office and field work. The husband is in charge of the field work, and his wife is in charge of the staff in the office. This business is located in Herndon, Virginia, but it extends its presence all over Northern Virginia for opportunities. I am an administrative assistant for this business, so it my job to make sure that customers who are calling in get scheduled and the technician gets the correct information regarding those customers. Furthermore, I assist the office manager with various duties as well as the human resource department in the hiring process. My main focus it to make sure applicants get scheduled for interviews and receive the proper training once hired. The supervisor is in charge of maintaining the office and any concern that a customer might have. She handles the employees schedule and creates the objectives for each day. Her main focus for the company lies with maximizing profit, and if we are behind on profit, it is then…

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