Essay on A Reflection On Teaching And Teaching

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When I delivered the teaching session, the experience was an overall success with students showing a clear interest and engaging in the lesson (Table 1, question 10, mean 4.3). The teaching began with a clear introduction to the key learning points for the whole session (Table 1, question 5, mean 4.3), which allowed the students to understand what the session was going to entail. This was beneficial to those who needed to see the big picture to see how topics fit together[1]. I further explained that the session will be split into three sections and explained that certain learning outcomes will be covered in each section. Student feedback stated that there was “enthusiastic teaching in appropriate sized teaching bites.” I felt that breaking down the teaching structured the session and helped students focus on the individual topics, rather than bombarding them with mass volumes of information.
Starting the session with an open question such as “What is cancer?” and an introductory video to lay the foundation, instantly engaged the students and provoked thought. As the teaching session progressed, the students remained focused and paid attention to the topics on the PowerPoint and the extra explanations I was saying. They continued to actively participate by answering various questions and completing their notes with the missing key words. The general delivery of the teaching went well as shown by an average SET score of 4.2 for question 1 (Table 1). I spoke in a clear and…

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