A Reflection On Educational Lectures Essay

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This reflection is about a series of lectures which introduce nursing students to research projects. I shall be reflecting upon two educational lectures and one research conference in which I attended in order to develop my knowledge of research projects. The first lecture draws upon the importance of research within a nursing job role and the nursing practice, the second drawing upon what research is and the types of research which can be used and, the research conference providing an insight in to multiple projects which have affected healthcare practice. For this reflection, I shall be using Rolfe’s reflective model entitled ‘What? So what? Now what?’. (Open University, 2015.) I have chosen this reflective model for this reflection as it includes the opportunity to draw upon the understanding of the context within the reflection rather than simply discussing how the experience was positive or negative thus, providing the opportunity to understand what I have learnt from the experience and how this has affected myself personally. In using this reflective model I also have the opportunity to consider how the experience has influenced the future, the ability to consider this may be beneficial in the development of my self awareness.

(Open University, 2015.)


The first research lecture taught the relation between nursing practice and research; how research changes nursing practice and the theory in which underpins practice. Throughout this lecture, we…

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