Essay on A Reflection Of Team 2

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This is a reflection of Team 2’s, team work and creation of a Prezi that gives a valid outline on the subject of learning styles and my personal input into the teamwork and the presentation. This reflection addresses elements of teamwork and how these elements operated in Team 2. I also address the strategies I would use in future team work situations.

Team Rating
Team 2 has created a presentation using Prezi that has validity on the subject of learning styles and provided a user friendly platform for presenting the topic. I would give our final Prezi project and our team work a 7 out of ten. I believe that the factors that contributed to our level of success and how effectively we worked as a team was our team attitude, team management and goal orientation. Team 2 had an outstanding attitude towards teamwork, including, tone of communication, frequency and timeliness of communication and support towards each other (Ku, Tseng & Akarasriworn, 2013). Examples of these attitudes were shown in the form of encouraging comments ‘you have done an amzing job with our prezi! [Sic]’ (Bevan, 2015). Team 2 had high level of efficiency in decision making each task was completed in a timely manner and had a good management system which is integral to a team’s success (Hartley, 2012). There are many examples of team 2’s coordinator’s management skills that kept us on track and moving in the right direction as an illustration our coordinator gave us questions to be answered…

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