A Plan For A Backup Plan Essay

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Ever since I was young I had some sort of plan. My parents taught me that having a plan will always help you. I started with that and have gone from there. I have even gone further. I will sometimes have a backup plan or even a backup plan for my backup plan. I like to have a plan for the important events in my life or even some important assignments. When I am with friends, though, I tend to go with the flow. I like to think about the here, now, and the future. My past can stay behind me, for the reason that I can’t change it and it has made me into the person I am today. My family has helped often with that. I grew up in a semi poor family, however we had what we needed. I was a little overweight as a child and I still am now. I played outside all the time when I was young, however I lost the need to go outside when I got older. I now try to go for walks so that I can become healthier. It is hard being healthy and poor. All of the healthy foods cost a large amount of money and it is cheaper to buy unhealthy foods. Even though we didn’t have very much money, my parents always made us eat a vegetable at dinner. That has carried on in my life that I will eat at least one serving of vegetables per meal. Not everything comes with being rich.
My family isn’t rich in wealth, but we are in love, even though it sounds corny. I was taught that family is all you truly have. I have grown to be a family oriented person. I was taught to be respectful and true to my word. If you don’t…

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