Essay on A Person Who Arrives At A Feast

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"A person who arrives at a feast when the cooked meat is being pulled out of the pot does not know what was endured by others to catch and cook it.” An Igbo proverb that summarizes what my paternal side always tell me. Moreover, it is very valuable in my opinion, because it applies to my life. Overall, I came to this world with my parents having to sacrifice such things to give my siblings and me the life that we have now. Yet we don’t really know what’s endured behind their smiles when they greet us. This Igbo proverb corresponds to this quote by Phil Hine, “ One cannot shape the world without being reshaped in the process. Each gain of power requires its own sacrifice.” I’ll walk you through some of my personal stories to prove this.

Back when I was young, my ultimate goal was to impress my parents. I even remembered saying, "Can I just please be the only kid?" After a few years, my mother gave birth to my younger brother, John Louie. Then, she gave birth to my younger sister, Nicole. Nicole mainly got the most attention and John Louie is known as the nicest one. It was odd since I thought that I would be the only kid. I seek for attention by putting hard work and impressing them. I survived elementary without asking for their help, this is the irony of my goal. I got my own room, and I locked myself in, studying and studying. I skipped kindergarten; I went straight to first grade. It was undeniable that people doubted me because I didn 't have as much experience and…

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