Sacrifice In The Crucible, And The Crisis

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“Great achievement is usually born of great sacrifice, and is never the result of selfishness.”(Napoleon Hill) In order to change things, things need to be sacrificed.
Sacrifice is necessary for the social order and is prevalent in American literature. This is shown in 3 major pieces of literature The Declaration of Independence, The Crucible, and The Crisis.

In The Declaration of Independence, sacrifice is necessary for social order. This is shown when all 56 of the signers signed the Declaration of Independence. They sacrificed their names and reputations when they decided to sign the document.The Signers also sacrificed their loyalty to the king by throwing him under the bus when they stated all the unfair things he has done. For
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Paine's book persuaded many people of the nation to sacrifice their loyalty to the king of Great Britain by listing all the unfair things he's done. “He expects you will all take up arms, and flock to his standard, with muskets on your shoulders, our opinions are of no use to him, unless you support him personally, for ‘tis soldiers…” (Paine). Paine is talking about how the King expects people to follow him and do as he says not because they agree with his opinions but just because he has the power. Thomas Paine is sacrificing his reputation and her life by pointing out to the people that they should not follow the King's orders or agree with his opinions if they do not believe it themselves. Paine is persuading people to overthrow the king and the government and make it into a democracy. Without “Common Sense” the United States would still be apart of Great Britain. All 16 pamphlets were written during the American Revolution which argued the importance of leaving Great Britain. Thomas Paine Motivated the people to fight against Great Britain and to fight for a better government which they could have some say in

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