Common Sense By Thomas Paine Summary

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During his time, Thomas Paine wrote and made a copious amounts of valid points when it came to the colonies and England’s government at the time. In his pamphlet, “Common Sense,” Paine argued over many things when it came to the government, but one of his most notable arguments had to have been when he made several points leading to his theories that the colonies should separate from Great Britain. In his argument for independence, he made quite a bit of points, but his three most effective points would have to be that, while Britain protected the colonies during hardships, they only did it to have a gain on their financial standpoint. His second point which is that, any relations with Great Britain cannot exist, because as long as they do …show more content…
Colonists during this time were normally terrified by what the king could do because one could never know. Since the king during this time was King George the III and all throughout his reign it is stated that he was in fact,”insane in the membrane,” while also “slowly becoming blind.” In “Common Sense,” these points are made because the colonies are so attached to Great Britain that every time there is a war going on, specifically when Britain was fighting France and Spain, the few colonial soldiers that were around at the time were being sent off to fight wars they had no business being apart of. Meaning that the very condition of Britain herself was the reason that they brought about the need for “protection” in the first place. Paine also makes the statements that America can protect itself and the way it intends to do that is by becoming an important center of commerce that way no one country would allow us to fall under the control of another country. All countries would fight one another to keep America free if the colonies were free and became good trading partners with

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