A Nursing Philosophy Coincides With Self Awareness Essay example

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A nursing philosophy coincides with self-awareness. Self-awareness, in short, is knowledge of one 's self, feelings, motives, and desires. I believe empathy, integrity, genuineness, and compassion are all important attributes of a nurse. Empathy shows an attempt to understand from the patients’ perspective. Integrity shows honesty. Genuineness prevents bias by recognizing self-awareness of feelings as they present in the patient-nurse relationship. Compassion shows sympathy and concern for the patients’ well-being. As a future nurse it is important that I continue to recognize my own self-awareness so I can continue to build onto my beliefs and values of the nursing profession. In this paper I will discuss why I chose the nursing profession, my beliefs and values, and what I feel is fundamentally important in the nursing profession.
Looking back on my life, there were many difficult times my family and I went through. Those difficult times, however, became my motivation for pursuing a career in the medical field. Growing up, my brother had to overcome many different obstacles. At five years old, he started to talk after we thought he never would. In kindergarten, he contracted meningococcal meningitis and was hospitalized for a long period of time. A couple years later his appendix ruptured while waiting in the hospital emergency room. After a couple weeks he had to be transferred to Akron Children’s Hospital where he stayed for another month. During those times it was…

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