Essay on A New Research And Development Group

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HACKD, LLC’s move to launch a new research and development group christened, CWE is a welcome move for the organization to streamline research operations, and to develop innovative products and services. The proposed CWE group systems are expected to run on the Ubuntu Linux 15.04 operating system that will access and share resources with the Microsoft Active Directory (AD) domain at HACKD, LLC. The AD domain comprises several servers running Windows Server 2012 R2 providing various services such as DHCP, DNS, file sharing, Microsoft Active Directory, printing and web services. HACKD, LLC also has a mix of about 500 desktop and laptop computers running on the Windows XP and Windows 7 client operating systems. According to the Windows lifecycle Fact Sheet (2015), Microsoft ended the extended support for the Windows XP client operating system in April 2014, and this move acted as a catalyst for organizations to either upgrade to newer Windows offerings such as Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, subscription Linux distributions such as Red Hat, or free Linux distributions such as Ubuntu. The management at HACKD, LLC has thus requested for a proposal and plan to migrate from the now legacy Windows XP operating system to Ubuntu Linux 15.04 operating system. However, since Windows XP systems have been used by organizations for over a decade, a full operating system upheaval to a completely new platform is a daunting task that requires considerable planning and coordination. Issues to be…

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