A Nation At Risk By President Reagan, The State Of The American Public School System

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In the 1983 report, “A Nation at Risk” presented by President Reagan, the state of the American public school system as analyzed. At the time the report was written almost twenty-three million Americans were illiterate. On top of the illiteracy epidemic, standardized test scores had been decreasing since the Russians launched sputnik almost twenty-five years prior. Edward Graham of the National education association states, “Test scores were rapidly declining, low teaching salaries and poor teacher training programs were leading to a high turnover rate among educators, and other industrialized countries were threatening to outpace America’s technological superiority”. American education was in a downward spiral. A strong national education system is key to the longevity of a nation’s strength and global presence. President Reagan recognized this and suggested in the report that teachers be paid and prepared better, courses be made more rigorous, and that new standards should be set. Prior to the “A Nation at Risk” few states had set standards. Many states had no standards for passing through grades. Uneducated kids were leaving high school and entering the real world, becoming a possible burden on society. Public school students were truly able to coast through years of schooling. After the report was presented state set standards, and within a little over ten years state standardized testing was made mandatory. As of 2010 states started adopting Common Core…

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