A Master 's Program For Human Resource Management Essay

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1. Why do you wish to earn a Master of Human Resource Management? Why do you wish to earn an MHRM from The Fisher College of Business?
(recommended maximum 1000 words)

I am applying for admission into the Master’s program for Human Resource Management because I want to delve into adapting organizational management strategies that are deployed to improve deviant work behaviors and performance, either on small or large scales. I was drawn towards this management program since I realized it was a means through which I can understand and provide satisfying solutions for worker’s unethical behaviors in the workplace that reduce productivity. By advancing my education through a Master’s program, I will be able to accurately identify potential risks for a business and make the arrangements to prevent conflicting situations. My ultimate goal is to help employees make their rational decisions and have a better work/life balance which will be beneficial to both the employees and the organization.
I have been developing and shaping this career path from the days of my educational training in Industrial and Organizational psychology. My three years of psychology education have provided me to build a solid foundation in statistics, which gave me an edge to carry out successful research studies as an undergraduate. I have also matured my research skills by conducting various experiments, learning how to write codes in SPSS and applying collected data in quantitative analysis. These…

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