A Life Of A Human Life Essay

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The Well-being of a Human Life
Shouldn’t Depend on Another Life
The Well-being of a Human Life Shouldn’t Depend on Another Life
Imagine a child spending his entire life like a prisoner, locked in a cold and very tiny room, when he hasn’t committed any crime. He is scare and doesn’t know what is happening, all he knows is that he doesn’t want to be there and doesn’t belong there. He can see other children being poisoned, electrocuted, gassed, and killed. Now he knows what will happen to him, he wants to scream for help, but he has no voice. Then someone comes and aggressively grabs him from his little arm. The little innocent child is forced and tied to a bed and all he can do is scream of terror and cry. Then his eyes are abruptly open all they way, and clipped so they remain wide open. A toxic and acid substance is being put in his eyes. He has so much pain and he can’t even rub his eyes because he is tied up. He spends hours in pain while the people who did this to him are sitting behind a glass, monitoring the damage in his eyes to test a cosmetic. After hours of pain, first he became blind then he slowly dies. An innocent life dies just to do a Draize test for cosmetics. Inhumane right? Then why do we allow it on animals? This and other tests are done on thousands of innocent creatures; this is what thousands of animals experience in laboratories. Animals feel pain the same way humans do. Both animals and humans have sensations, think, behave, and feel pain.…

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